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Why Choosing acductcleaning.ae

We specialize in AC Duct Cleaning, AC Installation & maintenance and Water Heater Installation & maintenance

what we do

We are experts in AC Duct Cleaning, AC Installation & maintenance and Water Heater Installation & maintenance with over 10 years experience. What that means is you are going to get right solution. please find our services.

High Quality Service

High Quality Service

We never compromise on quality and alwasy work upto
our customer satisfaction.

Afordable Cost

Afordable Cost

Quality Service with reasonable service charges is our key feature to build long-time business relationship.

Efficient & Skilled Technicians

Efficient & Skilled Technicians

We use automatic duct cleaning machine which accelerate the process and boost the overall quality unit efficiency.

About us & FAQ's

Everybody has something important to say!

We, Khader Techinical Works Co. LLC is one of the leading company providing AC Duct Cleaning, AC Duct Installation, AC Installation, AC Maintenance, Water Heater Installation & Water Heater Maintenance. Witha a vast expericen of more than 10 years we are providing cost effective quality services upto the satifaction of our customer for Residance and Domestic Buildings.

We’re happy to tell you more about our high standards! Why put your family’s health, and your hard-earned money, at risk? Contact us for a free evaluation of your air conditioning system and an estimate!

Do I Need AC Duct Cleaning?

Dirt and grime, leaks, and environmental damage are the biggest causes of AC duct leaks and break down. acductcleaning.ae look at every inch of the duct and determine which parts are in need of repairs and which parts require only cleaning.

Why Do You Need AC Maintenance?

Most people do not understand the advantages of AC maintenance in Dubai, and as a result the air conditioning usually becomes faulty. We offers comprehensive annual maintenance contracts which covers all the client needs.

How often should duct system be cleaned?

Frequency of cleaning depends on several factors, not the least of which is the preference of the home owner.
If smokers in the household, pets that shed high amounts of hair and dander, water contamination or damage to the home or AC system, residents with allergies or asthma who might benefit from a reduction in the amount of indoor air pollutants in the home’s HVAC system and even after home renovations or remodeling.

Will the cleaning process damage my furniture or belongings?

acductcleaning.ae technicians will not start before taking it to cover all of the furniture with plastic sheets, so the dust and cleaning products used do not damage anything.

Why Choose Us

Over a decade of experience, Emergency AC services. On call service, Complete range of AC duct and other services. No damage to AC unit or property.
We have a proven track record in delivering the very best in home maintenance. Our wide range of services are tailor-made to suit all our customers.